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Mod Ideas/UT2003 Jukebox

Hello there, i've got an idea for a mod for UT2003, similar to a jukebox, but for internet and LAN play. I was hoping to make it myself but have no uscript experience whatsoever. Thank you for your time.

I was hoping to have a few features:

  1. gather or compile a collection of oggs to make a sort of serverside playlist
  2. randomly select a song, or maybe eventually add a voting option
  3. have the chosen song pushed to the clients


Foxpaw: This doesn't sound like it would be too difficult. I believe that Esc had something similar to this. My only concern would be that I can't foresee much interest in it's use.. why would players want their playlist dictated by the server when they could make their own? Kinda like listening to the radio when you have all the same songs in your CD changer...

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