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Mod Ideas/Virus


Yes virus. I remember along time ago there was a game in which the purpose what to track down and find a virus (Which in that case was a ship)in your own computer. It was insane. You would be flying around and there would be bits of all your files on your computers on the walls and such. Like some of your document or sounds and music repeating in areas. It was quite the inventive game. I don't really know if anyone took notice of such a great Idea and maybe with the new Unreal engine someone can put some better use to the point.


You tracking the virus in your own computer and exterminate them before they can get to the critical system files.I think it should play as a single player better. It would only be suitable that way. Teamplay could work to. Two hunters vs. a virus or something. Could be intresting. I think you should start with all weapons to.


  • It should be walking around instead of flying in a ship like the other game.
  • I think this would need some of its own maps that could have some kind of scripted textures or something on the walls to produce what the developers of the original game did.
  • Same thing goes for the ambiedient sounds. Scripted sounds sounds like how you should do it.
  • On the side of the hud in the originally game was kind of a tree of all your folders and as you entered more rooms you would go deeper into the folder and you would see files from that folder. So that on the hud would really raise some thumbs.(Hopefully not middle fingers)
  • There should be more than one type of virus like ones that spawn other virus. Spreading and so on. More violent viruses and then the stupid ones. Mix it up.

~The Twiggman~


EntropicLqd: And I thought it was going to be a conversion of Zarch the first game released for the Archimedes and later released on the ZX-Spectrum under the name Virus. Personally, I wouldn't install this mod if it used the real folders and files names off my hard disk. It would feel far to much like a massive security hole. By all means randomly generate them, but using the real names ... nooooo!.

Foxpaw: I'd have to agree with that.. not only is that kind of insecure.. the Unreal Engine isn't really friendly towards opening random files on your harddrive and reading them - it would be a lot of work and probrably need to be implemented natively if you wanted to load anything that wasn't in one of Epic's proprietary formats. (At least I think the formats are proprietary.) OGG music files could also be played.

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