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Mosquito/Conquest Europe



Status: Dormant

Team Members: None

Release Date: Unknown

Moddb Link: http://mods.moddb.com/1107/?view=all


Conquest Europe is a total conversion for UT2003 and centers around teh conflicts of WWII. What makes this mod different from other WWII mods for UT2003, is that CE is a superscience world where scientists were allowed to make all of their weird discoveries. The world will see new weapons, not only man portable but machine portable too. Tesla tanks, German rocket troops, and walking tanks. The focus for this era is the tall 'Walkers'. 12 foot tall walking tanks that are used mostly for Infantry support.

  • Realistic WWII weapons available.
  • New superscience weapons available.
  • Drive tanks and walkers.
  • Class based.
  • RPG based.
  • Several modes of gameplay available.



May 23 : No News :P

Still no news. Actually, I move this from my main page to this page so I could have comments on it and post news.

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