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Mosquito/Operation Homeworld



Status: In Development

Team Members: 3

Release Date: Late 2004

Moddb Link: http://mods.moddb.com/1217/?view=all


The year is 2010 and Earth is being invaded by non-bipedal aliens. Humanity has perfected AI and has created a race of uber robots to help them defend against the alien menace. Unfortunately, the AI becomes smarter and turns on their human creators. Now there is a tri-species war to gain control of the planet. Aliens want it to 'harvest' the human race. The robots want it for complete dominion, all the see is destruction of everything living. Humans want it... because it's their home and their will to survive is strongest of any living creature.

  • All new weapons and player models. No old models used.
  • Modern weapons for humans such as FN p90 and FN pistols.
  • Alien weapons are attached to their bodies and are all bio-weapons.
  • Robots have very few weapons but are tough to kill.
  • Possible classes for each race.
  • Not enough people to carry the workload! er read below.

We "really" need help. We need modellers especially. We have a coder but could use more. Read contact information above.



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