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Name: Tom "Mosquito" Hall

Occupation: In limbo


Games Edited

  • Duke Nukem 3d
  • Unreal (UT, UT2003)
  • Half-life
  • Doom
  • Max payne

Note: I only ever release one out of ten projects I make because alot of them are experiments in different effects and concepts. (gimmick maps)

Project Stuff worth sharing

Unreal Maps


My only noteworthy Map for UT2003. [DM-gridb2]

Yes, I know the screenshot it way to big and the page looks like crap, maybe if I gave a shit I'd make it all purdy.

Lest We forget

A beta and MAJORLY UNOPTIMIZED TTR map called [lest we forget.] Ironically this began as a test map to see how best to implement random mortars. (this map is discontinued, I wont release what I've got on beta 7 because it runs even slower. Additionaly, I was playing with the lighting and now the whole map is saturated neon blue. Yay.

All other projects of mine are non-existant.

Web design

[PcRaptor.net] *cancelled*


[This strife] Funny webcomic/Web community

[Liquid Element] Makers of Spatial Fear (no relation to Black Element)

[Darkarts] Comics made by a good friend of mine.


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