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I finally made my own page on the Wiki. Just to show a bit of my UT history.

Mods I worked/working on

My own projects

These projects can be found on [my site]

The links below link to the corresponding section on my site.

  • [DoubleJumpUT] - Brings DoubleJumping from UT2003 to UT.
  • [ServerUtils] - A few utilities that help me running my server.
    • MutatorAdder - Allows you to add mutators through the UT.ini file. Very helpfull when you don't have acces to the server commandline.
    • ForceGamtype - When my server crashes and reboots it always starts with DeathMatch. If you want it to come up with another gametype (and have no acces to the servers commandline) this is the mutator you are looking for.
    • BotAdder - Adds bots to the level based on the amount of players recommended by the mapper.
  • [Dim the Lights] - Allows to dim or brighten the lights in a level.
  • [FlakmineCannon]- A modified FlakCannon which shoots mines that stick to walls and explode when shot at or when someone comes to close.
  • [PlayerSpeed] - Allows you to change the walkingspeed, swimmingspeed and jumpspeed of all players.

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