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Mr. SlackPants, that would be me.

Currently (29 - 04 - 2003) i'm mapping for the mod UnrealSpeed, a racing mod for UT2K3.

You can find the mod at http://www.planetunreal.com/unrealspeed

Also if you want a little more info on what i'm working on at the moment you can go to my website.

Just go to http://smarf3.tripod.com

Greetings and enjoy,

Mr. SlackPants

Wormbo: Why didn't anyone notice the new guy? Anyway, welcome to the Wiki. :)

Mosquito: Hey, welcome. That map you got on hold... It looks amazing. Can't wait to try it.

Mr. SlackPants: Phew been a while, didn't expext anyone would end up on this page. Kinda needs to get used to this "i-can-change-everything" type of website. Anyway thanks for the welcome. (although it was probaly 4 months ago ;) )

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