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Mutator Topics

This page is the topic page for Mutator related information. For a general look at mods and mutators, see Making Mods. (There's also an introduction into how mutators work at Mod Authoring/Making A Mutator, but bear in mind that it's is a UT guide and is not fully applicable for UT2003.)

Mutator Overview

Mutators are a way to implement a modification. Mutators have to follow some important guidelines, which do not apply to new gametypes or total conversions (TCs).

  • Mutators should work with any gametype. (However, there are mutators which were written only for certain game types, e.g. the Jail Fight mutator for UT Jailbreak.)
  • Mutators should work with each other, that means any other mutator that someone might make. (Of course, two arena mutators won't work together, but nobody would expect that.)

Many non-Unreal games only know the concept of the Total Conversion, which has to be applied even if a mod only wants to add a new game type or change small aspects of the game. The Unreal engine offers all three concepts:

  • Total Conversion for a complete change,
  • new game types for a different set of game rules
  • and the mutators to change only small parts of the rules or add things to existing game types.


  • Useful Mutator Functions – Making HUD mutators, destroying mutators, and functions for replacing items and giving weapons to players
  • INT File – Syntax of the .INT file



HunterKiller:How can this page and Mutator can be merged ? They talk about the same thing. I dont feel safe to do it by myself...

Tarquin: This is a topic page, for overview & links. Mutator is a class spec page :)

DJPaul: Rename this to [UT2003 Engine Overview/Mutator]??

Tarquin: I folded UT2003 Engine Overview into Unreal Engine. Or I was going to. I forget.

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