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Uninstall Counter-Strike... Whipe The Registry...leave nothing CS related live... and that should make things all better Boo Boo -MythOpus


Name: Dalin Seivewright

Nick: MythOpus

Age: 14

E-Mail: mythopus@hotmail.com

Special Recent Events: On Mod Team, Finally :)


[Ivan Graphics] <- Awesome Site!

Random Ramblings



Well, being a 14 year old living in a house with an awesome computer, which doesn't let you go outside at all, and living with a mom whom you hate very much... things tend to get very sad. ANYTHING you do wrong, you get grounded just like that. It's not right I tell you, It's not right at all! My mom says it's all about respect. IMO, respect goes BOTH ways. If I have to respect her (She say's I don't, but I do all the time) then she's gotta respect me. Period. Just because she's my mom and all that bit, doesn't mean she doesn't hae to respect me. When I'm mad at her or something, I usually don't talk to her because if I do, I tend to say stuff that generally I don't really mean. She say's that is dis-respect. IMO, it is everything but dis-respect. I shut my mouth and don't talk to her because I Don't want to dis-repect her. Basically, my entire family are christians, but I have sort of, dragged myself away from the whole church aspect, for various reasons. I hate the whole ' speaking in tongues ' deal that people do a lot. My mom does it a lot to and it get's really anoying. Her as well as many people at my church do it and I don't like it. Being at church is also boring because there aren't very many teens that go to my church and that means no Youth Group which would drag me back to church every Saturday (Don't ask why it's on Saturday ;) ), those two reasons along with others are why I don't go to church very much anymore. My mother grounds me for the entire week whenever I don't go. It sucks. Really. She say's it's because of her wanting us to be a family and she just won't respect my decision at all. Bah, I've vented and I'm happy now. LoL.

Current Projects:

MOR|: A Collection OF Must Have Mutators. (THIS WILL BE A PROJECT I AM GOING TO FINISH) /Developer Journal

  • Features Completed
    • MOR| Health
    • MOR| Adrenaline
    • MOR| SoundControl^
    • MOR| LowG (Configurable LowGrav)^
  • Features Being Worked On
    • MOR|Toyz
      • One weapon is near completion (I haven't worked on this for awhile) It needs to be textured and made into a SkeletalMeshO_o
  • Features To Begin
    • MOR| Movement (started but stopped due to some trouble. Will restart in the near future.)
    • MOR| Virus
    • Original GUI Config Menus For Mutator Set-Up
  • Features Dropped
    • MOR| Code
    • MOR| ControlFreaks
    • MOR| Surprise

^= More options to be added.

More Mutators Are Planned but Have Not Been Designed Completely

  • I plan on combining all the small mutators (such as MOR| Health and Adrenaline) into one mutator.

Future Projects:

A Movie: A movie using the Unreal Engine.

(A Hoping Project)

Messages from the outside

Earth To MythOpus, Earth To MythOpus...

Daid303: Just wondering, what's "MOR| Code" ?

MythOpus: Well, I'm going to add descriptions for everything once I'm done :) but MOR| Code...hm... how to explain this... in the first movie of The Matrix series near the end when he comes back alive after he gets shot he starts seeing everthing on code. I've seen too many Matrix mods with simply the the Bullet Time and all that and it kind of got really boring. So, I've decided to do something like in the movie where everything looks like code. What the mutator will do is replace all the textures (and actually, I'll get around to making new FX) in ut2k3 with the new Matrix Code textures.

Foxpaw: I'm not sure if that can be done without native code or not. I don't believe there's any way to change the textures on BSP geometry, or even static meshes for that matter (though I could very well be wrong about the static meshes.)

Well, it definately COULD be done, but whether or not you could do it without basically building your own renderer from scratch in UScript and overwriting the whole screen with a "HUD"... (your own renderer) I'm not sure if there's any easier way to do it.

Foxpaw: Actually when I thought about it a little bit more, you could use overlays for just about everything, but I don't know if there's any way to put an overlay on BSP. (crapload of projectors possibly?)

Anyways, my major gripe with "matrix-style" mods is two-fold. Number 1, when someone else uses their "bullet time" ability, everyone else is slowed down too. This of course, makes weapons like the shock rifle or lightning gun very useful, because the other person is basically making it easier for you to aim at them... The second gripe is it never comes on when it should. It's either an andrenaline combo, always on, or a pickup, or something like that. What it REALLY needs is some method of determining how much action is going on and THEN engage. That would be much neater. It could even be as simple as going on whenever theres two enemies with line-of-sight and relatively short range between them.

MythOpus: Well, I thought you could use something like Engine.Texture or w/e a surface extends or w/e :) This mutator however currently has nothing planned to incorporate bullet time or things like that. I just like the idea of seing code like Neo

Foxpaw: Hmm, you may be on to something there. I don't know if extending texture would do much but it's probrably possible to lookup all of the textures that are loaded and change them all to a "code" kind of texture. I'm not sure if it would work or not but that might be the right direction to look in - changing the texture objects themselves instead of changing what textures are being used.

GRAF1K: That Matrix engaging concept in an interesting one, Foxpaw. Worthy of a Mod Ideas subpage?

MythOpus: Agreed :)

Foxpaw: Possibly, I really don't have time to work on anything pertaining to it for the time being, what with working on my own mod and all. I'm still not sure how one would go about having some people in bullet time while others on the same map were not, (I found monkeymatrixmoves very annoying because whenever someone did their combo, everyone got slowed down, even if you weren't doing anything "actiony") but I imagine one could find a way.

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