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Native Coding

In the Unreal Engine, Native Coding is anything related to using the Unreal Engine headers and libraries to create (in C++) DLL files. This includes native UnrealScript classes, as well as purely native classes (commandlets, drivers, etc.)


Unreal Tournament 2003

Native coding for UT2K3 isn't currently possible unless you're a licensee of the engine. Epic has not released nor have they mentioned any plans of releasing the headers for builds 2107+ of the engine.

(Note: If you wish to create native code, you may wish to email epic and request the headers, even if you are not a licensee. You will need to sign a few forms, but not necessarily pay anything).

Documentation on how the native code in the engine initiates UnrealScript events and function calls can be found in Game Event Flow


Tarquin: are any of the authors of the above still around? Anyone feel like contacting them to ask permision to import into the Wiki?

Lalo: is it at all possible to compile native stuff on Linux? I'm having a lot of headache with this, and with the ucc bug it seems not to be possible at all (see Native Coding On Linux)

TheRenegadeMaster: The headers for DeusEx can be found over at http://www.edgefiles.com/index.php/file?id=2907. The libraries have not been publicly released by Ion Storm though...

rr: This is sweet... I always wanted to make my own native code since I have a great deal of experience in C++.

Trystan: I didn't create a new page because the amount of information regarding native coding for both UT and UT2K3 is fairly sparse here.

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