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NavigationPoint (UT)

UT :: Actor (UT) >> NavigationPoint (Package: Engine)

Children of this class form the bot AI navigation system. During the compilation process, two navigation points get linked by paths if one of them is in the line of view of a bot which is located at the position of the other one and the bot could go there at least in one direction. Each Pickup (UT) and PlayerStart has its own NavigationPoint. The most common NavigationPoints are the PathNodes which simply are NavigationPoints which have a texture which makes it possible to put them in a map where the PathNodes build the backbone of the maps navigation system.

See the main Artificial Intelligence topic page, and bot navigation for a technical overview.

See NavigationPoint for the UT2003 version of this class.


Different types of NavigationPoint with the paths between them showing in UnrealEd


NavigationPoint Group

bool bNeverUseStrafing
Shouldn't use bAdvancedTactics going to this point.
bool bOneWayPath
Reachspecs from this path only in the direction the path is facing. (180 degrees)
bool bPlayerOnly
Only players should use this path.
int ExtraCost
name ownerTeam
Creature clan owning this area. (area visible from this point)


bool bAutoBuilt
Placed during execution of "PATHS BUILD".
bool bEndPoint
Used by C++ navigation code.
bool bEndPointOnly
Only used as an endpoint in routing network.
int bestPathWeight (const)
bool bSpecialCost
If true, navigation code will call SpecialCost function for this navigation point.
bool bTwoWay
Hacked here to fix CTF problems post release. (used by Botpack.AlternatePath)
int cost
Added cost to visit this pathnode.
NavigationPoint nextNavigationPoint (const)
Next NavigationPoint in the Linked List of the map's NavigationPoints.
NavigationPoint nextOrdered (const)
int Paths[16]
Index of reachspecs (used by C++ Navigation code)
NavigationPoint previousPath (const)
NavigationPoint prevOrdered (const)
int PrunedPaths[16]
Actor routeCache
NavigationPoint startPath (const)
bool taken
Set when a creature is occupying this spot.
int upstreamPaths[16]
int visitedWeight
NavigationPoint VisNoReachPaths[16]
Paths that are visible but not directly reachable.


bool Accept (Actor Incoming, Actor Source) [event]
Accept an actor that has teleported in. Used for random spawning and initial placement of creatures.
describeSpec (int iSpec, out Actor Start, out Actor End, out int ReachFlags, out int Distance) [native, final]
PlayTeleportEffect (Actor Incoming, bool bOut)
int SpecialCost (Pawn Seeker) [event]

Known subclasses

For a list of these grouped by usage with a summary, see Types of Pathnode.

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