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RSS\RDF Porcessing. Part of LibHTTP.

Either RSS or RDF format is accepted.

Note: the HTML special chars are NOT fixed, you have to do this yourself

Note: Don't pound the webserver with requests, cache your results


string ChannelDescription
string ChannelLink
string ChannelTitle
array<RDFRentry> Entries
int LastUpdate
Last time this source had been fetched, you have to do this yourself
string Source
The source of the data, you have to fill this in yourself



    var string Title;
    var string Link;


bool getLine( )
fill the line buffer
string getTag( out array<string> Args )
retreive a tag with arguments
string getToNextTag( )
string getWord( )
get another word from the buffer
int ParseRDFData( array<string> inp )
Main function to parse the input data
bool _channel( array<string> Args )
bool _item( array<string> Args )
bool _rdf( )

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