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Fullname: Nicholas Rhead

Age: 21

Location: Leicester, UK

Bio: I've just finished my 2nd year as a Student at De Montfort University, Leicester in England, doing a BSc (Hons) Software Engineering Degree. I love to make mods for all sorts of games aswell as play around with my own prototype game rendering engines. Looks like I'm on the look out for a job again. I need a work placement in the UK.

Email: nickrhead@yahoo.co.uk

UT2K3 Mods


In Progress

  • Quad Capture the Flag - 4 Capture the Flag.
  • Akimbo Mutator - Any combination of dual weapons possible. Similar to the Akimbo Mod for Quake 3. This is on hold for the moment. I will get back to it once UT2004 is out and I can use the Dual Assault Rifle thirdperson animations.


Tarquin: Hi & welcome to the wiki :D

NickR: Cheers! :D

Trystan: Welcome to ze Wiki Nick. Pleaze make zourself comfortable. May you never leave again! Muahahaha! Er, cough, hi Nick. =)

NickR: I am very comfortable. Maybe just a little too comfortable... ;)

Mychaeel: ...a web design company working on a commercial game? Interesting. What kind of game is that? – By the way, the Red Rover 2003 link is broken.

NickR: It's based on the Unreal engine and will probably be release on the XBox that's all I can tell you, Sorry.

GRAF!K: I didn't know Warfare would be released on Xbox(!). Is it going to be Xbox-only like Championship? Or can you not tell us that either?

NickR: It's not an Unreal game, just a game using the Unreal engine.\

GRAF!K: Is Warfare – not your game, based on Warfare – going to be Xbox only?

NickR: I don't know. I don't work for EPIC.

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