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What is wUtils?



static final function int InStrPlus( coerce string HayStack, coerce string Needle, optional int Start )
     local int i;

     for ( i = Start; i < Len( HayStack ); i++ )
          if ( Mid( HayStack, i, 1 ) == Needle )

     return i;

Mychaeel: I'm afraid this is a very slow and inefficient way to implement this function; besides, it'll only search for single-character "Needle"s. Better do something like InStrFrom on UT2003/Suggestions.

nomad: Your version is a lot better, this is something I used in Deus Ex ages ago.


nomad: Not sure wheather or not this should be added to wUtils. It allows you to quickly change a value in the Options string used in Login and PostLogin.

static function bool ReplaceOption( out string Options, string Key, string NewValue, optional out string OldValue, optional bool bAddIfMissing )
     local array<string> OptionsArray;
     local int i;
     local string   CurrentKey, CurrentValue;
     local bool     bReplaced;
     bReplaced = false;

     // Need to strip the first ? from Options otherwise Split doesn't work
     if ( Left( Options, 1 ) == "?" )
          Options = Right( Options, Len( Options ) - 1 );

     Split( Options, "?", OptionsArray );

     for ( i = 0; i < OptionsArray.Length; i++ ) {
          Divide( OptionsArray[i], "=", CurrentKey, CurrentValue );

          if ( CurrentKey ~= Key ) {
               OldValue = CurrentValue;
               OptionsArray[i] = CurrentKey$"="$NewValue;
               bReplaced = true;
               log( "ReplaceOption() :: Replaced ["$CurrentKey$"] Old = "$OldValue$", new = "$NewValue, 'wUtils' );

     if ( !bReplaced && bAddIfMissing )
          OptionsArray[OptionsArray.Length] = Key$"="$NewValue;

     Options = "?"$Join( OptionsArray, "?", Options );
     return bReplaced;

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