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Nuclear Fuzz Grunge

Information from, the Mapping Forum; author: Mychaeel, posted on April 30th, 2003 : "The last test run of the "offline Wiki" script yielded a compressed archive with a size of 11.2 MB containing 1750 individual pages and 279 images, and an installed size of 26.1 MB. "

Statement by Nuclear Fuzz Grunge: Now THAT is impressive! This site has become encyclopedically HUMONGEOUS. Hell, Epic ought to be negotiating for a copyright license.

EntropicLqd: Hello - how's life? And yes, that is extremely impressive. I obviously hang out on the wrong forums.

Response Hey, EntropicLqd, nothing interesting here. How's Dadhood?

I always enjoy visiting here and checking out all the additions. I wish I understood UnrealScript adequately. Compliments on the ongoing Unreal Wiki effort to all involved.

EntropicLqd: Heh - I wish I understood UnrealScript adequately too. Dad-hood is reasonably tolerable at the moment (discounting the bruises from being jumped on). I need to curtail their violence somewhat as they are getting heavier and stronger. Them jumping on my stomach and chest really hurts now and I'm concerned they might crack a rib. I'm considering another article at the moment (the pre-school years). We'll see. It's been a bit of blur to be honest - but that could just be a self defense mechanism kicking in. Hope you still suitably well.

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