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NukeRifles Code

NukeRifles Arena Mutator code

Warning! The code below is a rather gross hack, I'm still just learning how UnrealScript works. So go easy on me, eh? ;-)

Electric Mini

Modified files
  • MutNukeRifles.uc

based on MutInstaGib, extends Mutator. Replaces weapon pickups with NukeRiflePickups

  • NukeRifle.uc

based on SuperShockRifle, extends ShockRifle.

  • NukeRifleFire.uc

based on SuperShockBeamFire, extends ShockBeamFire.

  • NukeRiflePickup.uc

based on ShockRiflePickup, extends UTWeaponPickup

  • NukeRifleProjectile.uc

based on RedeemerProjectile, extends Projectile

Dma: This might work better on a subpage of Electric Mini.

Mychaeel: Hmm. I appreciate the notion of sharing code, but the Unreal Wiki isn't meant to be a repository for the source code of entire mod projects. Maybe the best idea to zip the individual sources up and link the archive from here. (We can host that .zip file here.) *bump*

Electric Mini Ooops... sorry 'bout that. I'll get onto making a .zip archive instead. Probably be a good idea for me to tidy up some bits of the code too.

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