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Ok contact info goes on top..tho I don't know why you'd like to contact me unless you followed my advice and it lead to the ruination of your map and the destruction of your HDD.

[fraudia@hotmail.com] be my e-mail address.

You can always look for me at the planetunreal forums or online at irc.enterthegame.com @ #skullface if you want to frag me to oblivion in retaliation for that map of yours I brought ruin upon.

Mass Confusion Follows

Hello. Add yourself to the Category Personal Page page if you like. BTW, you & NFG & I seemed to be all editing the movers page at once... I kept getting the edit conflict page... lol – tarquin

Yeah, hey, sorry, OshadO, it was I Nuclear Fuzz Grunge. I thought you were done.

lol np...i was dying there tryin to fix that stupid image formating but it seems tarquin fixed it:D. BTW I can't figure out where this page is so could ya please delete it for me cos OshadO=OshadowO in a warped form..I just wasn't sure how to log into my original id from my laptop:)

DOh... shouldve checked the list. Look on Category Personal Page, it explains how to log in from a different computer.

thanks I'll do that when I get home...for now I'm kinda stuck with this one:)

Anyone can clear a page of text, but only wiki admins can delete a page entirely... that & the ability to edit-lock the site are the only two admin powers. Port what you can to keep across to OshadowO, write "DELETE THIS PAGE" at the top & I'll get round to it next time I tidy – Tarquin

Page "OshadowO" deleted :-)

Adding stuff from my old ID OshadowO below. I'm a sentamentalist:D

TechnoJF: I just saw OshadowO in the Recent Changes page and figured he might do with a page of his own. Nothing big. Maybe you could drop by if you see this, OshadowO.

Tarquin: hello OshadowO. welcome to the Unreal Wiki :-)

OshadowO:wahay I get my own page...SWEET!!!..err what do I do with my page?? Tarquin: heads of too look at other peoples pages.

Thanks guys:) ===

EDIT:Ok figured it out contact info..duh:D It's there now.

Me again: apparently I still need to figure out how to log on from another location. From my work it shows me as megatix.athl.calpoly.edu:) So much to learn..

Tarquin: The system doesn't seem to support logging in. I think you have to copy your cookie across. :(
NEW INFO: see Category Personal Page for info on logging in
BTW you can do anything you like with your page. contac info, biog, SpyCode(TM), maps, etc.

overshadowed: ahh thanks for the info. It's not a big issue anyway:)

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