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Personal information

James 'Parser' Ritson : Parser@BeyondUnreal

Coder, semi-mapper (I help out with stuff) and lazy idiot.

Latest news

The Fraghouse Mod Team - now hosted on BeyondUnreal! http://fraghouse.beyondunreal.com

Icedude and I are working on a top secret project that isn't going to rule the world. :)


Lead programmer and founder of the Fraghouse Mod Team - http://fraghouse.beyondunreal.com

Part of the No Skills Whatsoever clan! No website yet.

Tarquin: Hello & welcome to the site

Will: 'ello Parser :)

Parser: Hey :)

Luggage: Yo Parser dude! :D WeaponLord = CARNAGE!!! :D

Parser: Hello again, had to recreate my account. :) - If you like lots of carnage, new weapons and landscape-type maps, look out for this secret project we're working on.

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