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Pathnoding Translocators

Ok I want YOU (Points forward with American flag behind) to write this tutorial on how to botpath transloc points, cos i am stuck on it at the moment and no-one seems to know how to do it.

<<Deleted previous entry[I was wrong, so whats it matta?]>>

From: http://unreal.epicgames.com/UT_AI.htm

TranslocDests are a special type of LiftCenter which are not associated with a mover. TranslocDests are used to define places that bots can use a translocator to cut a route short. A lifttexit should be placed at the spot where the bot should stand a use his translocator, and a TranslocDest should be placed where the Translocator Target should be thrown. Another liftexit should be placed near the TranslocDest, as an "exit" from this "lift". The LiftExits and the TranslocDest should be given the same LiftTag.

Bots will assume that any LiftExit with the same LiftTag as a TranslocDest can be directly reached from the TranslocDest, without any special action on the bot's part. If the bot must use the translocator to get from the TranslocDest to one of the LiftExits, replace that LiftExit with a TranslocStart.

     The above seems to work for the most part. As long as you set your LiftTags on all 3 parts (LiftExit,TranslocDest,

LiftExit)the same, it should be fine. I set up a map where the Bots had to Transport to the top of a wall, then (hopefully) exit over the otherside. It worked, except occsionally the Bot would turn right around and go back to the other LiftExit instead of the one placed near the TranslocDest. I dunno, I placed a pathnode within 64u of the LiftExit and it didn't seem to matta. If the Bot wanted to turn around, it just did. Mindreader didn't help determine why. I placed pickups nearby, helped some but still a Bot will turn around on me.

Anyone care to comment?

DaNid Nidrah4@hotmail.com

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