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This actor is used to give a ScriptedPawn instructions on how to move around, so they just dont stand around waiting for the player. Very useful in single player maps.

(Look at the "Order-Tab" section below to see how you set the pawn to do this)


Next Patrol
Put the tag of another Patrolpoint to make the pawn continue from this point to the other. Intermediate Pathnodes or NavigationPoints may be needed if there is a long distance between this PatrolPoint and the next one.
The number of times to loop the animation set by PatrolAnim. The animation does not seem to play when this is zero and a PatrolAnim is set. For one frame animations, set this to a number higher than 10 to see the pawn in the animation for more than a split second.
The animation played by the Pawn when it reaches this PatrolPoint.
The sound played by the Pawn when patroling. If the sound is looping, the Pawn will continue to make that sound until it reaches a PatrolPoint with a different sound for PatrolSound.
When set to a higher number than 0 the pawn wait that time at the PatrolPoint. Does not seem to work when PatrolAnim is set to something other than none.

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