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Pawn (UT)/Graphics And Animation

UT :: Actor (UT) >> Pawn (UT) – Graphics and Animation Functions

Note: This section is completely unfinished. Feel free to contribute.

Animation and Graphics Functions

The vast bulk of these functions are simply placeholders that allow functions to work at an abstract level while ensuring that the way the computer controlled creatures (in UT Bots) appear is consistent. In general the animation functions fall into two categories. Play functions and Tween functions. Play functions are responsible for handling the way a particular animation (like walking or running) is played. Tween functions are responsible for handling the transition between two animations e.g. from standing still to walking.

Play functions

PlayBigDeath (name DamageType)
Declaration only.
PlayCrawling ( )
Declaration only.
PlayDeathHit (float Damage, vector HitLocation, name damageType, vector Momentum)
Does nothing.
PlayDive ( )
Declaration only.
PlayDuck ( )
Declaration only.
PlayDying (name DamageType, vector HitLoc)
Called when the player is killed to play the death animation.
PlayFiring ( )
Declaration only.
PlayGutDeath (name DamageType)
Declaration only.
PlayGutHit (float tweentime)
Does nothing.
PlayHeadDeath (name DamageType)
Declaration only.
PlayHeadHit (float tweentime)
Calls PlayGutHit().
PlayHit (float Damage, vector HitLocation, name damageType, vector Momentum)
Does nothing.
PlayInAir ( )
Declaration only.
PlayLanded (float impactVel)
PlayLeftDeath(name DamageType)
Declaration only.
PlayLeftHit (float tweentime)
Calls PlayGutHit().
PlayMovingAttack ( )
Calls PlayRunning()
PlayOutOfWater ( )
Calls TweenToFalling().
PlayPatrolStop ( )
Calls PlayWaiting().
PlayRecoil (float Rate)
PlayRightDeath (name DamageType)
Declaration only.
PlayRightHit (float tweentime)
Calls PlayGutHit().
PlayRunning ( )
Does nothing
PlayTakeHit (float tweentime, vector HitLoc, int damage)
PlayThreatening ( )
Calls TweenToFighter( 0.1 ).
PlayTurning ( )
Calls TweenToFighter( 0.1 ).
PlayVictoryDance ( )
Calls TweenToFighter( 0.1 ).
PlayWaiting ( )
Does nothing.
PlayWaitingAmbush ( )
Calls PlayWaiting()
PlayWalking ( )
Calls PlayRunning() - which at this level does nothing.
PlayWeaponSwitch (Weapon (UT) NewWeapon)
Declaration only.

Tween Functions

TweenToFalling ( )
Declaration only.
TweenToFighter (float tweentime)
Does nothing
TweenToPatrolStop (float tweentime)
Calls TweenToFighter().
TweenToRunning (float tweentime)
Calls TweenToFighter( 0.1 ).
TweenToSwimming (float tweentime)
Declaration only.
TweenToWaiting (float tweentime)
Calls TweenToFighter().
TweenToWalking (float tweentime)
Calls TweenToRunning().

Graphics/Appearence Functions

GetMultiSkin (Actor (UT) SkinActor, out string SkinName, out string FaceName) [static]
SetDisplayProperties (ERenderStyle NewStyle, Texture (UT) NewTexture, bool bLighting, bool bEnviroMap)
Sets the display properties render style, texture, whether light should affect this Pawn and whether to use environment mapping for the texture. See Color Blending for an explaination of the ERenderStyle type.
SetDefaultDisplayProperties ( )
SetMesh ( ) [simulated]
Sets the mesh property to its default value.
SetMultiSkin (Actor (UT) SkinActor, string SkinName, string FaceName, byte TeamNum) [static]
bool SetSkinElement (Actor (UT) SkinActor, int SkinNo, string SkinName, string DefaultSkinName) [static]

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