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Pawn (UT)/Inventory

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Inventory Related Functions

function bool AddInventory( Inventory (UT) NewItem )
This function adds the item passed to the function to the pawn's inventory if the item is not already within the inventory. The function returns true if the item was added to the inventory.
function float AdjustDesireFor( Inventory (UT) Inv )
This function is used to adjust the pawn's attraction to a particular item. It is not clear whether the item passed to the function is available as a pickup or carried within the bot's inventory.
function ChangedWeapon()
This function is called when the pawn has decided to change its weapon.
function bool DeleteInventory( Inventory (UT) Item )
This function removes the item passed from the pawn's inventory. The function returns true if the item was removed from the inventory, and false if not.
function Inventory (UT) FindInventoryType( class DesiredClass )
This function will return a reference to an Inventory (UT) item of the specified class or None.
exec function NextItem()
This function selects the next item in the inventory.
function TossWeapon()
Throws the current weapon away.

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