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UT2003 :: Actor >> Pawn



byte DamageDirIntensity[4]
HitFXData HitFx[8]
float SkillModifier
skill modifier (same scale as game difficulty, 0 - 7)


name AIScriptTag
tag of AIScript which should be associated with this pawn
float Alertness
-1 to 1 →Used within specific states for varying reaction to stimuli
bool bAdjacentZoneHearing
can hear any sound in adjacent zone (if close enough to hear)
bool bLOSHearing
can hear sounds from line-of-sight sources (which are close enough to hear)
bool bMuffledHearing
can hear sounds through walls (but muffled - sound distance increased to double plus 4x the distance through walls
float HearingThreshold
max distance at which a makenoise(1.0) loudness sound can be heard
float PeripheralVision
Cosine of limits of peripheral vision.
float SightRadius
Maximum seeing distance.


float BlendChangeTime
time to blend between movement animations


transient float ShieldStrength
current shielding (having been activated)


name LandAnims[4]
name TakeoffAnims[4]
name AirAnims[4]
name WalkAnims[4]
name CrouchAnims[4]
name DodgeAnims[4]
name DoubleJumpAnims[4]
float AccelRate
max acceleration rate
float AirControl
amount of AirControl available to the pawn
float AirSpeed
The maximum flying speed.
name AirStillAnim
NavigationPoint Anchor
current nearest path;
name AnimAction
use for replicating anims
float AppliedBob
const float AvgPhysicsTime
Physics updating time monitoring (for AI monitoring reaching destinations)
float BackwardStrafeBias
bias of strafe blending in backward direction
bool bAmbientCreature
AIs will ignore me
float BaseEyeHeight
Base eye height above collision center.
float BaseMovementRate
FIXME - temp - used for scaling movement
bool bAutoFire
used for third person weapon anims/effects
bool bAvoidLedges
don't get too close to ledges
bool bCachedRelevant
network relevancy caching flag
bool bCanClimbLadders
bool bCanDoubleJump
bool bCanFly
bool bCanJump
movement capabilities - used by AI
bool bCanStrafe
bool bCanSwim
bool bCanWalk
bool bClientCollision
used on clients when temporarily turning off collision
bool bCrawler
crawling - pitch and roll based on surface pawn is on
bool bDirectHitWall
always call pawn hitwall directly (no controller notifyhitwall)
bool bDoTorsoTwist
bool bHideRegularHUD
bool bInitializeAnimation
bool bInvulnerableBody
const bool bIsCrouched
set by physics to specify that pawn is currently crouched
bool bIsFemale
bool bJumpCapable
bool bJustLanded
used by eyeheight adjustment
class<Effects> BloodEffect
bool bNoJumpAdjust
set to tell controller not to modify velocity of a jump/fall
bool bNoTeamBeacon
never display team beacon for this pawn
const bool bNoVelocityUpdate
used by C++ physics
bool bNoWeaponFiring
globalconfig float Bob
float bobtime
bool bPhysicsAnimUpdate
bool bPlayedDeath
const bool bReducedSpeed
used by movement natives
const bool bReverseRun
bool bRollToDesired
Update roll when turning to desired rotation (normally false)
const bool bSimGravityDisabled
used on network clients
const bool bSimulateGravity
simulate gravity for this pawn on network clients when predicting position (true if pawn is walking or falling)
bool bSpecialHUD
bool bSteadyFiring
used for third person weapon anims/effects
bool bThumped
const bool bTryToUnCrouch
when auto-crouch during movement, continually try to uncrouch
bool bUpAndOut
used by swimming
bool bUpdatingDisplay
to avoid infinite recursion through inventory setdisplay
bool bWaitForAnim
true if the pawn is playing an important non-looping animation (eg. landing/dodge) and doesn't feel like being interrupted
bool bWantsToCrouch
if true crouched (physics will automatically reduce collision height to CrouchHeight)
bool bWarping
Set when travelling through warpzone (so shouldn't telefrag)
bool bWasCrouched
bool bWasOnGround
bool bWasWalking
bool bWeaponBob
vector ConstantAcceleration
acceleration added to pawn when falling
Controller Controller
class<AIController> ControllerClass
default class to use when pawn is controlled by AI (can be modified by an AIScript)
float CrouchedPct
pct. of running speed that crouched walking speed is
float CrouchHeight
CollisionHeight when crouching
float CrouchRadius
CollisionRadius when crouching
name CrouchTurnLeftAnim
name CrouchTurnRightAnim
float DamageScaling
float DesiredSpeed
float DestinationOffset
used to vary destination over NavigationPoints
float DodgeSpeedFactor
dodge speed moved here so animation knows the diff between a jump and a dodge
float DodgeSpeedZ
float FindAnchorFailedTime
last time a FindPath() attempt failed to find an anchor.
byte FlashCount
used for third person weapon anims/effects
const vector Floor
Normal of floor pawn is standing on (only used by PHYS_Spider and PHYS_Walking)
const int FootRot
torso twisting/looking stuff
const bool FootStill
const bool FootTurning
float ForwardStrafeBias
bias of strafe blending in forward direction
float GroundSpeed
The maximum ground speed.
name HeadBone
float HeadScale
PhysicsVolume HeadVolume
physics volume of head
travel int Health
Health: 100 = normal maximum
float HealthMax
class<DamageType> HitDamageType
damage type of last hit (for playing hit/death anims)
transient int HitFxTicker
name IdleCrouchAnim
name IdleRestAnim
name IdleSwimAnim
float IdleTime
name IdleWeaponAnim
WeaponAttachment code will set this one
float JumpZ
vertical acceleration w/ jump
float LadderSpeed
Ladder climbing speed
float LandBob
name LandMovementState
A state of the PlayerController or a derived class which is applied when the player is not within a water block. This will in effect set the default movement state for the pawn.
const NavigationPoint LastAnchor
recent nearest path
float LastPainSound
float LastPainTime
last time pawn played a takehit animation (updated in PlayHit())
PlayerController LastRealViewer
PlayerStart LastStartSpot
used to avoid spawn camping
float LastStartTime
float LastValidAnchorTime
last time a valid anchor was found
Actor LastViewer
class<Effects> LowGoreBlood
float MaxDesiredSpeed
float MaxFallSpeed
max speed pawn can land without taking damage (also limits what paths AI can use)
float MeleeRange
Max range for melee attack (not including collision radii)
localized string MenuName
Name used for this pawn type in menus (e.g. player selection)
float MovementBlendStartTime
used for delaying the start of run blending
float NetRelevancyTime
float NextPathRadius
radius of next path in route
const float noise1loudness
All the noise* variables are for remembering the location and position of the last noises propagated.
const Pawn noise1other
const vector noise1spot
const float noise1time
const float noise2loudness
const Pawn noise2other
const vector noise2spot
const float noise2time
vector OldAcceleration
const int OldAnimDir
EPhysics OldPhysics
float OldRotYaw
used for determining if pawn is turning
const Vector OldVelocity
float OldZ
Old Z Location - used for eyeheight smoothing
LadderVolume OnLadder
ladder currently being climbed
transient CompressedPosition? PawnPosition
Weapon PendingWeapon
Will become weapon once current weapon is put down
PlayerReplicationInfo PlayerReplicationInfo
class<DamageType> ReducedDamageType
which damagetype this creature is protected from (used by AI)
name RootBone
travel Powerups? SelectedItem
currently selected inventory item
vector SerpentineDir
serpentine direction
float SerpentineDist
float SerpentineTime
how long to stay straight before strafing again
Projector Shadow
float SoundDampening
float SpawnTime
name SpineBone1
name SpineBone2
float SplashTime
time of last splash
vector TakeHitLocation
location of last hit (for playing hit/death anims)
name TakeoffStillAnim
array<name> TauntAnims
Array of names of taunt anim that can be played by this character. First 4 assumed to be orders.
localized string TauntAnimNames[8]
Text description of taunt anims
vector TearOffMomentum
momentum to apply when torn off (bTearOff == true)
const int TurnDir
name TurnLeftAnim
name TurnRightAnim
turning anims when standing in place (scaled by turn speed)
const float UnCrouchTime
when auto-crouch during movement, continually try to uncrouch once this decrements to zero
float UnderWaterTime
how much time pawn can go without air (in seconds)
byte ViewPitch
something to replicate so we can see which way remote clients are looking
vector WalkBob
float WalkingPct
pct. of running speed that walking speed is
name WaterMovementState
A state of the PlayerController or a derived class which is applied when the player is within a water block.
float WaterSpeed
The maximum swimming speed.
travel Weapon Weapon
The pawn's current weapon.


struct HitFXData


    var() Name Bone :
    var() class<DamageType> damtype :
    var() bool bSever :
    var() Rotator rotDir :



simulated native function SetTwistLook(int twist, int look)
simulated native function int Get4WayDirection( )
simulated event SetHeadScale(float NewScale)
Sets the scaling of the head of the pawn (used in the BigHead mutator)
native function bool ReachedDestination(Actor Goal)
returns true if the pawn has reached Goal.
native function ForceCrouch()
Forces the pawn to crouch.
simulated function Weapon GetDemoRecordingWeapon()
function Fire(optional float F)
Fires the pawn's current weapon
function DrawHUD(Canvas Canvas)
function bool SpecialCalcView(out actor ViewActor, out vector CameraLocation, out rotator CameraRotation)
simulated function String GetHumanReadableName()
function PlayTeleportEffect(bool bOut, bool bSound)
function PossessedBy(Controller C)
Called when the pawn is possessed by a Controller
function UnPossessed()
Called when a Controller gives up control of the pawn.
simulated function bool PointOfView()
False means first person view, True means third person view.
function BecomeViewTarget()
function DropToGround()
function bool CanGrabLadder()
Returns true if this pawn can currently grab a ladder.
event SetWalking(bool bNewIsWalking)
function bool CanSplash()
function ClimbLadder(LadderVolume L)
Called when the pawn starts climbing a ladder.
function EndClimbLadder(LadderVolume OldLadder)
Called when the pawn is done climbing a ladder.
simulated function DisplayDebug(Canvas Canvas, out float YL, out float YPos)
This displays the debug information seen with the console command "showdebug"
simulated function vector CalcDrawOffset(inventory Inv)
Compute offset for drawing an inventory item.
function vector CameraShake()
function vector ModifiedPlayerViewOffset(inventory Inv)
function vector WeaponBob(float BobDamping)
function CheckBob(float DeltaTime, vector Y)
simulated function bool IsPlayerPawn()
Returns true if this pawn is controlled by a player/bot.
simulated function bool WasPlayerPawn()
Returns true if this pawn was previously controlled by a player/bot.
simulated function bool IsHumanControlled()
Returns true if this pawn is being controlled by a human player.
simulated function bool IsLocallyControlled()
Returns true if this pawn is being controlled locally (by the computer calling the function).
simulated function bool IsFirstPerson()
Returns true if viewing this pawn in first person view.
simulated function rotator GetViewRotation()
simulated function SetViewRotation(rotator NewRotation)
final function bool InGodMode()
Returns true if this pawn is in God mode (invulnerable)
function bool NearMoveTarget()
Returns true if pawn is near it's Controller's MoveTarget.
simulated final function bool PressingFire()
simulated final function bool PressingAltFire()
function Actor GetMoveTarget()
Returns the pawn's Controller's MoveTarget.
function SetMoveTarget(Actor NewTarget)
Sets the pawn's Controller's MoveTarget.
function bool LineOfSightTo(actor Other)
simulated final function rotator AdjustAim(Ammunition FiredAmmunition, vector projStart, int aimerror)
function Actor ShootSpecial(Actor A)
function float AdjustedStrength()
return a value (typically 0 to 1) adjusting pawn's perceived strength if under some special influence (like berserk)
function HandlePickup(Pickup pick)
function ReceiveLocalizedMessage( class<LocalMessage> Message, optional int Switch, optional PlayerReplicationInfo RelatedPRI_1, optional PlayerReplicationInfo RelatedPRI_2, optional Object OptionalObject)
event ClientMessage( coerce string S, optional Name Type)
function Trigger( actor Other, pawn EventInstigator)
function bool CanTrigger(Trigger T)
Returns true if the pawn can be triggered.
function CreateInventory(string InventoryClassName)
Spawns an Inventory of class InventoryClassName and gives it to this pawn.
function GiveWeapon(string aClassName)
function SetDisplayProperties(ERenderStyle NewStyle, Material NewTexture, bool bLighting)
function SetDefaultDisplayProperties()
function FinishedInterpolation()
function JumpOutOfWater(vector jumpDir)
Called to set the pawn's velocity and acceleration as he jumps out of water.
simulated event ModifyVelocity(float DeltaTime, vector OldVelocity)
called by physics before applying new velocity for this tick. Velocity,Acceleration, etc. have been updated by the physics, but location hasn't.
function ShouldCrouch(bool Crouch)
Called by the pawn's Controller when it wants to crouch.
event EndCrouch(float HeightAdjust)
Called by physics when the pawn begins crouching.
event StartCrouch(float HeightAdjust)
Called by physics when the pawn ends crouching.
function RestartPlayer()
function AddVelocity(vector NewVelocity)
function KilledBy(pawn EventInstigator)


Mysterial: Whew! Even though the Class Wikifier did half the work, that still took a while! I'll get to the functions and other stuff later.

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