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Being a perfectionist...

(This isn't about Adding Polish To Maps. This is about an attitude to mapping & coding & life in general. ...)

Perfectionism is not bad if it is applied at the right time. But sometimes it can be a huge waste of time, effort and sweat.

You lose hours trying to get things to fit together perfectly. Then look at the Epic maps put together static meshes. And they're slapped together any old way.

The Epic maps look "wow!". But look close-up at something like DM-Oceanic. It's sloppy. They have bsp/sm joins and sm/sm joins that give a perfectionist the wiggins.

So... First make the map sloppy, them bring it to perfection by fitting everything perfectly. That way you'll see if your idea actually works. Then you can improve it.

But... if things only fit together sloppy, there's a fair chance that making them fit cleanly will have knock-on effects, like a tapestry that unravels when you pull just one thread. The good perfectionist worries about things like this.

(I've moved this page. I'm starting to think we have too many Wiki logo WalledGardens here – tarquin)

Wormbo: Orphan alert! This would be part of the Big Cleanup then, I guess.

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