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Pipebomb Tutorial



This is a tutorial for UScript(UT) on how I made a Pipebomb weapon. The idea came from
a tutorial written by Parser which can be viewed at http://www.unrealscript.com/tutorials/tut36.php
This tutorial is intended for someone new to UScript, with maybe a day or two's worth of experience.
It's assumed that the reader know's how to set up their package, and to put the .uc files in their classes
folder. To spawn the weapon first type "iamtheone" and then "summon PROJECTNAME.pipebomb" in the console.
There are 3 .uc files which we will create, they are pipeweapon.uc, pipebomb.uc, and nails.uc.
Pipeweapon.uc will be the code for the pipebomb in first person view(like the FlakCannon, Grnd Launcher, ect)
Pipebomb.uc will be the code for the pipebomb as a projectile(like bullets fired from a gun)
nails.uc will be the code for the nails that come out of the pipebomb once it explodes.

Step 1, pipeweapon.uc

Create a file called pipeweapon.uc and put it in your project's classe's folder(goto earlier tutorial to find out how to do this). In order to create the pipebomb, first we must write the code that will handle the pipebomb so that it'll be just like any other weapon, that you can select, fire with, ect.

Now Let's get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh wait, one sec, just so you know, if you copy all of the code as written and put it in its respective file, and then compile everything correctly, it WILL work, and you will have a sweet pipebomb that actually looks and acts like a real pipebomb (unlike Parsers ASMD shockrifle one o_O, JT)

First we must create

Step 2, pipebomb.uc

Step 3, nails.uc


Tarquin: Could you link this into the UnrealScript Lessons page please?

clam: Shouldn't I wait until it's finished?

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