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Place A Playerstart

This page is one of a sequence of Mapping Lessons.

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OK, so far you've got a box with some light. You're almost there!. This page covers the final step: placing a PlayerStart actor. This marks a spot where players are spawned in the game. Without one, the game would crash on startup.


Selecting the PlayerStart class

This step is only required in versions prior to UnrealEd 3. If you have UT2003 proceed to step 2.

  1. Open the Actor Class Browser by selecting: UnrealEd Main Menu → View → Actor Classes Browser
  2. In the Actor Class Browser window, you'll see a tree structure very much like a directory listing. This is the Class tree. (You can see a text representation of it on the Actor Class Hierarchy page.)
  3. You need to navigate down the tree to the class you want.

Actor >> NavigationPoint >> PlayerStart.


UnrealEd 2 PlayerStart Tab.

Adding the PlayerStart

Right-click on the location you want to place the PlayerStart. A context menu pops up. Select: Viewport Context Menu → Add PlayerStart Here.

It's a good idea to pick some place on the ground so you and your bots don't spawn out of the air or off of a wall. The best way to get a good distance off the floor is to right-click on the floor in the 3D viewport and select Add PlayerStart Here.


Now build your map and you should be able to spawn out of the PlayerStarts you've placed. It's a good idea to put more PlayerStarts in your map than the recommended maximum number of players for it.

Note: You MUST build your map before a PlayerStart can become active!

Play Map!

To play the map with the newly PlayerStarts click on the Play Map! button.

Make sure to at least put enough for every player to be able to have their own spawn point, so they don't telefrag each other upon entering the map.

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