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PlanetPhillip/Developer Journal Simple Weapons Mods

This is all about my experiences trying to modify the Disperson Pistol first seen in Unreal.

The Journal may help COMPLETE beginners because at the time of writing this, tat is exactly what I am.

No experience with ANY game coding at all.

So stay tuned and learn as I learn. We hope.

MythOpus: Hey, how far are you on modifying the dispersion pistol ?

PlanetPhillip: Not very. Let us just say that I only reloaded Unreal and UT yesterday (21 Sept) and then spent the next 3 hours trying to get wiki working on my site. This weekend is when I will begin to look at the code and try and play around a little. In fact to be honest I haven't even got a clue where to start looking. EVERYTHING will be a learning process.

PlanetPhillip: 23 September 2003 - OK, so I've started to look for the code and the first thing I realised is that I have no idea where to even start looking. Eventually found the code but did not know how to save as a copy. Did that in win explorer, but there is probably a better way.

Then tried to make some changes simple to the power ups, nothing doing. decided to download wiki offline a read a bit first. I found a great page that discusses the Dispersion Pistol code. What a lucky find. Thank to crack_addict for writing it. I can't include the URL because as I type this the site is down and I saved the page as a mht:wt. so i don't know address. try starting here: http://www.unrealscript.com

I think a big problem will be working out how to get the mod working in UT when the weapon is for Unreal. I downloaded some docs from the Oldskool site about it. Let's see if thet help.

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