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This type of zone can be used to change a player's movement attributes. Zones created with this class can change the players speed, jump height and air control without needing to play around with the zone's friction properties or gravity.


The PlayerMovementZone class is distributed as a piece of UnrealSCript that should be embedded directly within your map. See Embedding Code for details on how to get the actor into your own maps.

Created by EntropicLqd by request of SmileY, who wanted to provide players with full air control in a particular low gravity section of his map.


The PlayerMovementZone should be used instead of a normal ZoneInfo in the area(s) where you wish the player movement to be altered. The PlayerMovementZone object has three properties that can be changed.

This is the factor by which the player ground speed and fluid speed will be changed. A value of 2 will double the player speed and a value of 0.5 will halve the player speed.
This is the factor by which the player's jump height will be changed. A value of 2 will double the player jump height and a value of 0.5 will halve the player jump height.
This is the amount of air control a player has. This value is not a modifier but will be applied directly to any player entering the zone. Set this value to 1 to give players full air control.

The PlayerMovementZone does (in theory at least) take into account players with jump boots. However, if another mutator is being used that affects the player speed then you might see some strange side effects when players enter or leave the zone. Also note that the jump height modifier is applied even when a player does have jump boots. Jump boots allow a player to jump 3 times higher than normal. In a zone with a JumpModifier of 2, the player will be able to jump 6 times higher.

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