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Githianki: Welcome to the Wiki!

Highlander: Welcome aboard!

Wizzie: Hey. Welcome to Wiki! :D

Polaris: Great I feel realy welcome... I spent 3 hours makeing 2 tutorials and some fucking asshole deletes it. Great! this wikki Idea is great Come waste your time typeing. All we will do is delete your work after you are done... HA HA HA great joke you shitass little punk. FUCK THIS! I will make my tutorial and post it on planet unreal to help support fileplanet and gamespy. hope they get what they want and take over the entire gameing industry, so everry kid gets to wait in line, and eventualy after they get their monopoly EVERYONE will have to pay to download. every time you link to a game they charge your credit card 25 cents. Every tutorial costs $5.00 to download.

I thought the WIKI was going to be so that everyone can share. insted only a few elite people get to post and everyone else gets FUCKED!

BTW... Thanks for welcomeing me, if this is what you guys ment.. I understand that the net is full of fuckoffs and it probably wasnot you guys... I am realy pissed, I am going to have to find another place to post my tutorials where they dont get deleted. I relay liked the Idea of people being able to add or correct work... you guys should make it so that only the admins have the right to delete other peoples work, everyone else can just add to it.

Wizzie: Nothing has been deleted what I can see. I saw one tutorial you've made here(Adding Alpha Channel To TGA Files) and another version of it here(New_Texture_System?) and link to it here(UT2003 Mapping).

Mychaeel: Umm, Polaris... calm down. First off, I suggest you have a look in Recent Changes once in a while. Second off, I renamed your page Adding Alpha Channel To TGA Files because of a typo in the name title ("Chanel" instead of "Channel") – I trusted that you'd find the renamed page either by following the link you initially created to it (that had been renamed too) or by using Recent Changes.

Nobody (except admins) can delete pages here, by the way, and nobody can remove information that can't be restored within seconds by anyone. See the "View other revisions" link at the bottom of every page and Wiki Protection for more information.

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