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I'm at school right now and I should be doing homework so this is going to be pretty brief. You can change it if you think it needs more. - OMGTTFS

Player starts can be added like any other actor by first selecting "playerstart" in the actor browser and then flying around your map, right clicking and then selecting "add playerstart here" The main thing to remember here: make sure when the player spawns they arn't facing a wall. Now this is something I've heard time and time again, but the guy never told you just how to do that! I finaly discovered, and will share with you guys now, how to do it.

(correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think this is anywhere on the site, if it is then deleate it, if it's not then give me a cookie) :-)

Looking in the "top view" window, go to the part of the map where you placed the playerstart and left click it, highlighting it. The icon then has an arrow pointing from it: basically what direction a person will face when spawned. If it's facing the direction you want then great! you're done! but, at least in my expierience, more often then not, you're gonna spawn looking at a wall. So if the arrow has you pointed in the wrong direction then simply rotate the icon in the "top view" window by right clicking and holding it, then moving your mouse until the arrow faces in the desired direction.

Don't forget to rebuild (and save) everything before starting your map.

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