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UT2003 :: Object >> Sound >> ProceduralSound (Package: Engine)

This class is not implemented fully in UT2003, (as in, extremely buggy) but can (in theory) modify a sounds pitch and volume randomly every time it is played to make it sound like it is being generated in real-time. The name is a bit misleading, however, as these are not actually generated in real-time like procedural textures.


float RenderedPitchModification (transient)
float RenderedVolumeModification (transient)

Sound Group

Sound BaseSound
float PitchModification
float VolumeModification
float PitchVariance
float VolumeVariance

Related Topics

Foxpaw: I still can't get these to work properly, BUT I did that the sound for bullets ricocheting off your shield gun is apparently procedural, and seems to play. However, I still can't access the properties of the base sound, so how one goes about setting up a new procedural sound I don't know.

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