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Project Aims

Current aims of the Unreal Wiki project:

  • Comprehensive documentation for the Unreal engine and UnrealEd.
  • Focal point for people to gather information about working with the Unreal engine, whether for UT, other games or for mods.
  • Invite writers of tutorials elsewhere on the web to bring their work into the body of material here.
  • Platform to discuss ideas, for example Mod Ideas and Category Journal.
  • Place for rants, rambles and thoughts about things in general Unreal-ish.

Feel free to add your ideas to this page.

How It Works

  • Use the site as a reference. When you find:

    • a page that could say more on a topic
    • something that could be explained more clearly
    • a topic that isn't covered
    • or a good old-fashioned mistake

    ...just change it, there and then. You don't need to commit your life to the site, just a couple of minutes. Edit, save, you've made a contribution.

  • If you want to write material, great. Reference, tutorials, anything you like. It's best if you find a suitable page to link new pages from, but you can always link from Mapping Lessons or Inbox and sooner or later somebody will rearrange the site structure to fit your material in.
  • If you already have tutorials, you can import them. In fact, you can import your whole tutorial site wholesale, and add your site's header and page design to the available skins here. Just remember... they may well get updated, improved and expanded.

New Contributors Quick Start explains in more detail.

Future projects

Some ideas for what the site could do in the future. Discuss & suggest.

  • Open source repository – we've made a start on this on this page: Open Source
  • Discussion platform – see Category Journal, [User Projects]?
  • Part of the original plan for this site was that it could play host to mappers.

Rough Notes

Tarquin: These my rough notes on forming the project. Please add your comments and ideas. Feel free to re-factor my text, as at the moment it's written in Question-Answer form and probably shouldn't be.


Simple answer: information about the Unreal engine and how to map, code, model and yodel for it is scattered all over the web.

Why Wiki?

Bringing all the tutorials and documentation files together onto one site would be one solution, but the Wiki medium gives us the advantage of being able to re-organize and edit material, so it will form a coherent whole.

The fact that Wiki is a collaborative system means that the workload is shared out, and anyone can contribute as little or as much as they like.

Go and see [Wikipedia] for an idea of what can be accomplished with a Wiki system.

Unreal 2

Unreal 2 has now been released. Instead of separate tutorials springing up all over the web when it's released, wouldn't it be great if everyone came here so everything that's known about the new engine was in one place?

Wiki Enhancements

Things Tarquin plans to add to the Perl script. Full list, discuss & sugggest, see Wiki Development.

  • Edit this page link at the top of the page as well as the bottom

Tarquin: Feel free to discuss ideas below. Or edit my stuff. Hey, it's Wiki, it's anarchy!

Related Topics

The great joy of wiki is that you can do a half-assed job. Someone's bound to spot gaps in what you've written and fill them. —Tarquin


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