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Project Copyright

Unreal Wiki copyright statement

Rough draft


  • The collection and structure of UnrealWiki are copyright UnrealWiki.
  • UnrealWiki cannot validate authorship or any other claims made in the site's content.


  • The site reserves the right to make technical edits to the contributed material, but not so as to change the original meaning or intent. This is in the spirit of a letter to the editor of a newspaper.
  • Anonymous corrections to a signed work are offered in the spirit of technical editing and become the property of the original author(s).


  • Permission to distribute through UnrealWiki's systems is implicitly given to the UnrealWiki with each posting, signed or otherwise.
  • Permission to distribute content in a timestamped compilation is also implicitly granted to UnrealWiki. For example, an UnrealWiki compiled help file, or a copy of the site in ZIP or on CD.
  • Permission is granted to reference (link to), but not copy, content on this site unless within the bounds of "fair use."

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