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Projectile (UT)

Actor >> Projectile

Game-relevant actors that fly through the level. Generally, things that players shoot at each other, like rockets, grenades and energy bolts.


float Speed
Initial speed of projectile.
float MaxSpeed
Limit on speed of projectile. DO NOT BELIEVE THE COMMENTS in projectile! A maxspeed of 0 means just that... the projectile will not move...
float Damage
Amount of damage contact with projectile inflicts on other actors.
int MomentumTransfer
Momentum imparted by impacting projectile.
name MyDamageType
Type of damage inflicted by the projectile.
Note: This is not connected in any way to the DamageType class.
Sound SpawnSound
Sound made when projectile is spawned.
Sound ImpactSound
Sound made when projectile hits something.
Sound MiscSound
Miscellaneous Sound.
float ExploWallOut
Distance from level geometry explosions are spawned at.
class<Decal> ExplosionDecal
Decal spawned onto level geometry upon impact.


simulated function ProcessTouch (Actor Other, Vector HitLocation)
Called by the Touch function when the projectile touches an actor with bProjTarget = True or bBlockActors and bBlockPlayers = True.
simulated function Explode (vector HitLocation, vector HitNormal)
simulated final function RandSpin (float spinRate)
Makes the projectile rotate randomly.

Known Subclasses

Grouped by package:

  • Engine:
    • Fragment? (subclasses used for destroyable Decorations)
  • UnrealShare:
    • Arc
    • Arrow?
    • BioGel?
    • BruteProjectile?
    • DispersionAmmo?
    • Grenade?
    • Plasma?
    • Rocket?
    • ShellCase?
    • SkaarjProjectile?
    • SlithProjectile?
    • StingerProjectile?
    • TazerProj?
    • TentacleProjectile?
  • UnrealI:
    • BigRock
    • Chunk?
    • EnergyBolt?
    • FlakShell?
    • ForceFieldProj?
    • GasBegBelch?
    • KraalBolt?
    • PeaceRocket?
    • RazorBlade?
    • Tracer?
    • WarlordRocket?
  • Botpack: (UT)
    • CannonShot?
    • flagslug?
    • MTracer?
    • PBolt?
    • PlasmaSphere?
    • Razor2?
    • RocketMk2?
    • ShockProj?
    • TranslocatorTarget?
    • UT_BioGel?
    • UT_Grenade?
    • UT_ShellCase?
    • UTChunk?
    • UTFlakShell?
    • WarShell?
  • EnhancedItems

Category Class (UT)

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