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Prototype?/Developer Journal

Ok this is my first entry in the Wiki.

A bit about me, im 23, currently working on a project called SAS Britians Finest.

The project itself is well underway, but due to how I want to work the Mod, we do not release news updates often.

This allows us to focus on what we have without creating extra workload.

Currently we have a core team of 11 (at time of writing)

And a Total Conversion from the menus into the game.

Currently redesigning the menus and came across some stupid problems that you wish someone had told you about.

1st. if your making menus and you want a background, dont use the background = because you cannot set your RGBA and your texture will look crappy aboud highlights on it in particular will look bright white

Creating effective menu systems is a fun thing to do if you just want to dabble in unreal scripting, you can even create theme packs, for yuor clan for example.

The actual game itself, is untill i see fit gonna remain offline. we have some very neat new ideas to try out, including cutting edge ideas to do with physics and karma, and we have an ace up our sleeve which means we are not constrained to the multiplaying limits. (for now).

Thats all i got to say for a while.

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