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Psychic 313

I'm the webmaster of [pseudorandom.co.uk] and a moderator on [the Identity Crisis forum]; I joined Unreal Wiki in order to fill in some of the modelling and skinning info that often comes up on Identity Crisis.

Past UT projects

[Advanced Model Support]
a mod to improve UT's support for custom models by making models easier to import and more flexible, and fixing a couple of Epic bugs
[Bonus Pack 4 fix]
adapted versions of the Bonus Pack 4 player classes (Xan Mk.II and the WarBoss) which are properly skinnable
[Marginally Enhanced UT]
a hack to the UT Player Setup and Bot Config windows, removing some hard-coded limits and fixing some bugs
[War Machine]
a re-import of one of Epic's Playstation 2 UT models (found in a tutorial on their website) so it can be used in PC, Mac and Linux UT

I've also contributed code and team-skins to UsAaR33's Oldskool and Valhalla Avatar mods, written the Unrealscript for updated versions of Mark Laiman's Wraithguard model and Chris Glenn's Space Marine 40K model, and helped with an assortment of other models.

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