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I figured I have so many questions, I should just make a page to contain all of them as to not litter random wikipages with them. :)

Breaking Glass Problem

Question: In DM-Theater, I have three windows right next to each other that I want to be independently breakable... and it works fine when shooting them with a weapon without splash damage, but when the weapon has splash damamge, take the Rocketlauncher (Eightball), the window that was shot breaks, but the one next to it doesn't, even when shot again.

Mychaeel: Unrelated to your question, please don't make intra-Wiki links like links to external URLs.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: You should put this in on the Help Desk page

Flashpoint Black Thanks, ZxAn. I posted it there, but I think I'll keep this page as a reference collection.

EntropicLqd: If this is a glboal reference of all the questions and answers you have acquired from the Wiki (or more generally) then it should probably be a sub-page of your contributor home page. e.g. [Flashpoint Black/QPlusA]?. I expect Tarquin or Mychaeel will have some views.

Also, placing questions on a related Wiki page is the way the Wiki grows. As the questions get answered the answers are (over time) refactored into the main content of the page and the original question and answer removed.

Mychaeel: EntropicLqd is right; the entire Wiki is built on questions (and answers), so creating a single page to hold "Q+A" doesn't make much sense. – Please add your questions on the pages where they fit in. I'll remove this page after you have moved your question to the page it fits on.

Flashpoint Black: I wasn't aware that putting a question on a pure information page was common practice. many apologies. you can tell I'm new at this. thanks.

Tarquin: use the Help Desk page. Then when you get answers, move them to the right subject page or the Unreal Mapping FAQ. (BTW, did you look for a page to posts questions? If so, where? Add a link to Help Desk where you looked so the next person can find it)

Wormbo: Waht are we going to do with this page? Move content and delete?

Tarquin: Yup.

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