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Hello, my name is...

Smoke the crack and this is what you get.


ArcaneSpeech: I removed our squabble from [Home_Page/Discuss].. this was my last response. I meant no harm and hope I can be forgiven some day not too long from now ;-)

ArcaneSpeech: Oh come on – I wasn't trying to be mean, nor personal. it was aimed more at AOLers than you – from your other posts you're obviously intelligent. So leave me with a little satisfaction here and smile or groan or throw something – cuz I'm only trying to be funny! (and failing horribly, I see)

Tarquin: Hi Raaa. Welcome to the Unreal Wiki. :D I've put some suggestions in reponse to your comments on Home Page/Discuss. (BTW... Arcane, I use AOL ;) )

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Hi, welcome to the wiki too! :) :tup:

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