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Who Am I?

So as it turns out, Red Dragon Games was unable to sustain itself, and we have dissolved the company. All is not lost however, as I am personally continuing on with the Net Combat project, albeit with a new name and a new direction for the game. As I finalize the details of this new direction, I will post them here and replace the Net Combat related information. I will also choose a more suitable alias for myself since the RDG no longer applies :)

Update: Okay, I've changed my name :) I now go by HSDanClark, and you can read why on that page. I'd like to leave this page up for a while, so anyone who sees "RDGDanClark" listed somewhere can get to the new page from here if they want to know who I am. All the subpages of this page have been marked for deletion.

Wormbo: Why didn't you just ask an admin to rename your page instead of creating all that mess with [Delete Me] requests?

HSDanClark: I'm sorry, I didn't think of that :( It won't happen again.

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