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Redeemer Style Weapons

Redeemer Style Weapons

A page in progress

Extend the projectile of choice

class guidedshockproj extends shockproj

Add code to the tick event to follow direction of player


Foxpaw: Some note should be made on this page that it refers to the UT implementation. In UT2003 the redeemer does not track the firer's rotation and instead is essentially a specialized type of player itself.

MythOpus: How do you know this tut in't going to be for the UT2k3 version ? o_O

Foxpaw: The "add code to the tick event to follow direction of player" is the way the Redeemer was done in UT.

MythOpus: Where does it say anything about this tick event here ? lol o_O

Wormbo: Right above Foxpaw's first response: "Add code to the tick event to follow direction of player".

MythOpus: :O Don't I feel smart !

Wormbo: "A page in progress" ? It doesn't look like that. I hope TomAndrews continues this tutorial, otherwise it should probably be tagged with "Delete Me"...

GRAF1K: From TomAndrews:

TomAndrews: I'm working on it now, give me a week and it should be done.

Granted, TomAndrews should have written to the point of his tutorial being of use before uploading, but still... no DeleteMe until the 23rd. ;-)

GRAF1K: That's it. Delete Me

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