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The actual relic item spawned by relic mutators.


Relic MyRelic
The relic mutator this RelicInventory belongs to.
float IdleTime
How long the relic already is at this location without getting picked up. This is updated every 5 seconds by the relic mutator in MyRelic.
class<RelicShell?> ShellType
A RelicShell class used by the relic to display some effects.
RelicShell? ShellEffect
The actual RelicShell spawned by the RelicInventory.
Texture (UT) ShellSkin
The texture to use for the shell effect.


simulated function CheckForHUDMutator ( )
Checks if the player's HUD (UT) already has the RelicHUDMutator.
function FlashShell (float Duration)
Displays the relic's player effect for a short time.

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