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Relics Patch


The Relics HUD Mutator Patch fixes the incompatibility of the RelicHUDMutator with most other HUD mutators.

Wormbo: I subclassed the RelicInventory classes and the RelicHUDMutator, so the relics use the NextHUDMutator variable of the Mutator class instead of the NextRHUDMutator variable of the HUDMutator class which was only a hack for UT v400 which didn't have NextHUDMutator. The replacement of the original classes with the modified ones is handled in a SpawnNotify subclass.

How To Use

Players just need to add the Relics HUD Patch to their list of active mutators.

Mod developers are allowed to include the RelicsPatch package in their mod as long as they give me credit and don't modify the package. Mods can also load the patch in their code by loading and spawning the RelicsPatch.RelicsPatch class. Don't worry about spawning it more than once, the patch will only allow one active copy of itself.

Use the following code to integrate the patch in your mod and make sure the RelicsPatch package is added to the ServerPackages list:

local class<SpawnNotify> PatchClass;

PatchClass = class<SpawnNotify>(DynamicLoadObject("RelicsPatch.RelicsPatch", Class'Class', True);

To enable debug output to UnrealTournament.log add the following lines to RelicsPatch.int: (yeah, I'm abusing the localized keyword here... :D)



Latest update: 2003-07-24

[Relics HUD Patch (ZIP version)] (7kB)

[Relics HUD Patch (UMOD version)] (7kB)

Known Problems

This patch only adresses the problem with the HUD mutator used by the relics, i.e. when using other mods that use a HUDMutator (e.g. the SpellUNREAL mutator of the "technoloG Bonus Pack") the relic icon might disappear while the patch is active.

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