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Reverb is ick, & undocumented ick at that.

I laughed my arse off when I read that :) EntropicLqd

I LMAO when I read your comment about LYAO... :-D Must be someone out there who knows about it, but whenever I've experimented I've managed to make UT howl the speakers with feedback... *Mrs Doyle-style sigh* – Tarquin

Hee! Similar experience here. If anyone knows settings that simulate certain environments and don't 'howl,' let's collect a list. I've got one at home I'll post soon.Aedis

List of maps that use reverb. It's easiest to just copy the settings used in one of these until we work out what it does.

  • CTF-EternalCave
  • DM-StalwartXL
  • DM-Peak

Making sure the numbers you input are not divisible by each other helps. Nonetheless it sometimes howls, building up over minutes until you exit the zone. I'm informed by Mxtrmntr of BU that it's a well known bug in UT and U1. - Nachimir

Dma: http://unreal.epicgames.com/Audio.htm says: You can experiment with reverberation filters quickly by going to Options/Level, setting the reverb effects for the entire level, then double-clicking on sound effect names in the sound browser.

Remember to check reverb is enabled for UT as a whole, in the UT advanced settings

Dma: The information about Creative's crazy .EAL files can be found at http://developer.creative.com/scripts/DC_D&H_Games-Downloads.asp?opt=1. Uses DM-Pressure.unr as a tutorial.

Reverb Settings

Array Item Delay Gain
0 130 50
1 0 0
2 0 0
3 0 20
4 50 0
5 2000 150

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