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Once you've set the bStatic property of this class to false the Sky Zone will rotate about its pitch axis. The same effect can be achieved by setting a rotation rate on a normal SkyZone object (with a little more flexibility).

This class is not used in any of the standard UT maps.

Some Epic maps that use other methods to make the sky move:

  • DM-Hyperblast: filthy trick with a nonsolid mover that encloses the SkyZoneInfo. It's made to tilt back and forth continually with a dispatcher looping system (see Trigger Systems). DM-KGalleon also uses a mover to get that sickening rocking motion.
  • DM-Phobos: Sets the physics to PHYS_Rotating, bStatic = false, bFixedRoationDir = true, and gives the SkyZone a rate of rotation (RotationRate=(Pitch=37,Yaw=256,Roll=768)). It also gives the SkyZone an (arbitrary) DesiredRotation - this is essential to making the skybox move. As far as I can tell the skybox will always keep spinning unless bRotateToDesired is set to true. If this is the case then the SkyZone simply rotates to the desired rotation and stops.

(I'm just putting this here for now, maybe create a page [Building a moving Skybox]? or something later Tarquin )

Might be better to simply add a "making a moving skybox" section to the "how to build a sky box" page I assume we have. Anyways - back to family misery before they notice I've sneaked in here :) - EntropicLqd.

Depends how big the page is. Either way is good. – Tarquin

Creating a Moving Sky Zone

So, you've made a few sky zones and they have been beautiful in their own way but now you feel like a real challenge. Yes, it's time to add a bit of movement for that "sickening floating in space" type effect.

There are essentially two ways of creating a movement effect within your sky zone. One is to make the sky zone object itself move, and the other is to make everything around the sky zone move.

Making the Sky Zone Rotate

In order to make your SkyZoneInfo roate you need to set a number of properties:

  • Advanced → bStatic = false
  • Movement → Physics = PHYS_ROTATE
  • Movement → bFixedRotationDir = true
  • Movement → DesiredRotation = (0, 0, 4096) (As far as I can tell the value in here is arbitrary.)
  • Movement → RotationRate = ( pitch, roll, yaw )

Map that use this technique are DM-Phobos, and CTF-Face.

Movers in Your Sky Zone

Because the area of the map you are using for your Sky Zone is simply another part of the map you are not restricted in the elements you can place in your sky zone area. One way of adding the illusion of movement to your sky zone is to place the SkyZoneInfo object in the middle of a Mover. Sheet mover's generally work best for this - but there's no hard and fast rules here. It's best to use whatever seems appropriate.

Map that use this teqnique are DM-Hyperblast, and DM-KGalleon.

Other Methods

Use a RockingSkyZoneInfo object as your sky zone, and remember to set the Advanced Properties >> bStatic property to false.

Use an InterpolatingSkyZone? object as your sky zone. This object loops along a path defined by a number of InterpolationPoint objects. The results can be quite sickening.

This stuff needs checking but is OK more or less.

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