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This page is a place to put your code if you've asked someone to help troubleshoot problems with your code, or want to show someone how to do something in UnrealScript.

The Unreal Wiki is an excellent tool for such an application because it allows whoever is helping you to then edit your code immediately, thus saving time (trying to explain exactly where you should put that variable assignment) when explaining how to do something, or why something isn't working properly. In addition, the original code is not modified, and code is easily cut-n-pasted in and out.

Mychaeel: Plus, it has nice syntax highlighting. ;-)

Feel free to delete any UnrealScript code on this page, and replace it with your own. To do that, [click here] and put your code between the <uscript> </uscript> tags. You can assume that code that hasn't been changed within the last 24 hours can be removed from this page, it's a scratch pad after all. Don't worry deleted code being lost – it still remains visible in this page's [older revisions] for quite a while.

Clean up after you're done, and don't create any subpages of this page.

// paste your buggy code here. Hehehe....

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