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Package: Screen
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The Screen Component (current public version: Screen 131, first publicly released with Jailbreak III) renders live information on scripted textures:

  • Text, formatted in basic HTML, including texture images.
    • Statically set during the mapping process, with a variety of optional placeholders for game-relevant information.
    • Dynamically loaded from an arbitary web site.
    • Dynamically created through a live IRC chat.
    • Dynamically created to display game server stats.
  • Player locations as colored dots in a 2D surveillance map view.
  • Player rankings.

The content displayed on a scripted texture managed by Screen is organized in slides which can be arranged to a complete slide show with various enter and exit animations. (Most applications don't require this feature though and use a Screen with a single slide.)

More information, tutorials and property documentation: [Screen website] and the [Screen forum]
Created by Mychaeel.

Using Screen


Draconx: Hey mychaeel - are you going to make a ut2003 implementation of this mod?

ZxAnPhOrIaN: That would be cool!

Mychaeel: I'd love to. :-) Unfortunately my schedule is packed already and Screen 2003 is nowhere near the top of my priority list at the moment, I'm afraid. Once I'm done with the more urgent things that keep me occupied I'll see to Screen 2003.

Draconx: Awesome. I'll be looking forward to that.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Me too!

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