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A screenshot is just that: a saved picture taken from the monitor display. It also means the pictures you see in the game when you're choosing a map: screenshots of the map that are embedded in the map.

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The rest of this page is for UT2003.

Screenshots in UT2003

To add a screenshot to a UT2003 map:

  1. Take your Game screenshots & clean them up. Resize them to 512x256 pixels.
  2. Import The Textures:
    • Package: MyLevel
    • Group: (you can leave this blank)
    • Name: (anything you like; it's easiest if the screenshots are numbered for a material sequence)
    • Uncheck Generate Mipmaps
  3. Apply texture compression: Do Material Context Menu → Compress → DXT1
  4. Avoid ugliness at lower texture levels: Do Material Context Menu → Properties, and then expand Textures and set LODSet to LODSet_Interface
  5. Create a new material:
    • Package: MyLevel
    • Group: (same group as the screenshots)
    • Name: (anything)
    • Class: Raw Material
    • MaterialClass: Class'Engine.MaterialSequence'
  6. In the MaterialSequence properties do the following:
    • Click SequenceItems → Add
    • Minimize the properties window and select your first screenshot from the texture browser
    • Go back to properties and click SequncedItems → [0] → Material → Use
    • Set the time to 1.5
    • Add another Material under SequencedItems. This time, use your second screenshot, 1.0 for Time, and MSA_FadeToMaterial for Action.
    • Add another SequencedItem just like the first except with your second screenshot again.
    • Continue adding 2 SequencedItems for each of your following screenshots.
    • Once you have all of your screenshots set, add one final SequencedItem. Use you first screenshot, 1.0 for Time, and MSA_FadeToMaterial for Action.
    • Finally, set FallbackMaterial to your first screenshot.
  7. Do UnrealEd Main Menu → View → Level Properties
  8. Set The Resource Property LevelSummary → Screenshot to the new MaterialSequence.
  9. Save your level and be sure not to save the MyLevel package. Just leave it and everything will work.

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