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UT2003 :: Object >> Material >> RenderedMaterial >> BitmapMaterial >> ScriptedTexture (Package: Engine)

A ScriptedTexture is a dynamic texture that can be drawn on in real-time with UnrealScript, used (for instance) for the monitors in DM-Insidious.

NOTE: ScriptedTextures do not work in the software or OpenGL renderers. If you use ScriptedTextures people on Mac or Linux and people using the software renderer will just see white. Epic has stated that this issue will not be resolved.

See ScriptedTexture (UT) for the UT version of this class.


Actor Client
The actor which is responsible for drawing the dynamic content on this ScriptedTexture.
Each frame when Revision > OldRevision, this actor's RenderTexture event is called. CameraTextureClients point their assigned ScriptedTexture's Client property to themselves on game start.
int OldRevision (transient, const)
The last drawn revision.
int RenderTarget (transient, const)
Viewport RenderViewport (transient, const)
int Revision (transient)
Current revision. Increment this property to redraw the ScriptedTexture the next frame it is used.


All these methods are native and final.

DrawPortal (int X, int Y, int Width, int Height, Actor CamActor, vector CamLocation, rotator CamRotation, optional int FOV, optional bool ClearZ)
DrawText (int StartX, int StartY, coerce string Text, Font Font, Color Color)
Draws text in the given font and color at the given position.
DrawTile (float X, float Y, float XL, float YL, float U, float V, float UL, float VL, Material Material, Color Color)
Draws a material tile on the ScriptedTexture at the given X/Y position, stretched to XL/YL pixels, and taken from the area specified by U/V (horizontal/vertical texel offset) and UL/VL (width/height) from the given material.
SetSize (int Width,int Height)
Sets the size of the ScriptedTexture.
TextSize (coerce string Text, Font Font, out int Width, out int Height)
Returns the size of the given text in the given font in the out parameters Width and Height.

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