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This is a special type of projector that has logic for creating the shadow of an actor. Pawn uses this to create the player shadows, but it can do much more than that.



bool bBlobShadow
If true, use the standard blob shadow texture instead of a live player shadow. This only has an effect in the Direct3D renderer. On Macs (using the OpenGL renderer) and when using the software renderer blob shadows will always be used.
bool bShadowActive
If true, draw the shadow. Set this to false and call UpdateShadow() (or wait for Tick() to come around) to hide the shadow.
vector LightDirection
The direction to the light source. It takes a lot more than changing this to change the direction the shadow is cast correctly as it doesn't effect the shadow texture.
float LightDistance
The distance of the light from the actor. Again, changing this won't have any effect on the texture used.
bool RootMotion
Something having to do with how to find the center of the actor. Not really sure.
Actor ShadowActor
Actor for which a shadow should be created. This is used both for rendering the shadow and determining where to put the projector.


ShadowBitmapMaterial ShadowTexture
The texture used by the projector.

See Also

ShadowBitmapMaterial - makes this work.

Pawn - contains code for setting up one of these.

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