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UT2003 :: Actor >> Pickup >> TournamentPickup >> ShieldPickup? >> ShieldPack (Package: XPickups)

This is the actor that spawns shield power ups. This is different from a ShieldCharger? in that no visible decoration marks the spawn point.



bool bInstantRespawn
The ShieldPack will wait the RespawnTime before spawning a new power up unless this is set to true.
class<Inventory> InventoryType
This is the item this Pickup will spawn. (Default set to "None".)
string PickUpBase
Default set to "None".
string PickupForce
Default set to "ShieldPack".
string PickupMessage
This is a message that will be displayed when a power up is taken.
string PickupSound
This is the sound played when a power up is taken.
float RespawnTime
The time interval that the ShieldPack will wait before spawning a new power up.

Shield Pickup

float ShieldAmount
This is the amount of shield power up points given the to player.

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